A Calgary man is wondering how he will find a new family doctor after learning his current physician has been suspended for inappropriate conduct.

Dr. William Healley has been suspended for at least 10 months and fined $35,000 for serious breaches of conduct.

The Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons found Healley guilty of having a sexual relationship with a patient and continuing to provide medical care for her children during that relationship.

Terence Schofield and his wife and children have been patients of Dr. Healley's for six years.

"With Alberta health care as it is, the doctors are very scarce as it is and good ones are even more scarce, so we have to try and find a new doctor in the meantime," said Schofield.

"Obviously there is a website to find doctors that are available, but trying to find one that actually put as much care and attention into their work as Dr. Healley did is obviously going to be pretty tough."

Kelly Eby with the College of Physicians and Surgeons says there are no rules requiring doctors to help patients find alternative care while they are off duty.

Other doctors at Healley's clinic have indicated they will try to accommodate some patients.