Surveillance footage from the the stores located near the northwest alley where Mark Mariani was beaten to death in October 2010 is being viewed today in a Calgary courtroom.

Robert Reitmeier, a self-proclaimed white supremacist, is on trial for second-degree murder in the beating death.

The police investigation had concluded that Mariani was beaten in the alley behind a strip mall at the corner of 16th Avenue and 15th Street N.W. before collapsing by his vehicle in the parking lot.

Mark Mariani

Mark Mariani was beaten to death in an alley in 2010. The Crown says he was in the wrong place at the wrong time when he met the men who killed him. (Handout)

A police officer testified this morning that he removed surveillance video from two businesses near the crime scene.

The first video shows a man driving into a parking lot in an SUV and entering and exiting a store. The man has been identified as Mariani by his brother Dino Mariani.

The second shows a woman and two men also entering and exiting a business the morning Mariani was killed. A Calgary detective identified the men as Reitmeier and Tyler Sturrup. 

Sturrup is already serving a life sentence with no parole for 10 years after pleading guilty in March.

Earlier this morning, Reitmeier's lawyer tried to prevent the videos from being admitted as evidence — arguing it was inadmissible — but the request was denied.

A member of the jury was also dismissed because of a medical issue  leaving 11 jurors for the trial.