More than 15 kilograms of so-called "superbuff" cocaine has been seized from a house in Airdrie.

Superbuff is cocaine that has been cut with another substance, in this case Phenacetin β€” a common cutting agent dealers use to dilute the purity of cocaine in order to maximize profits.

Phenacetin is a pain killer that was withdrawn from the Canadian market in 1973 after it was associated with cancer and kidney damage. 

The seizure was co-ordinated by the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT), which says the bust highlights the dangers for drug users and the unknown chemical substances added to drugs.

β€œFor the recreational drug user this should be a wake-up call as the idea of pure cocaine is a myth," said Sgt. Glenn Uchytil, a CPS member seconded to ALERT, in a release.

"You may have just wanted to get high, but as we saw last year with some tainted ecstasy, you may wind up dead."

Police also found $100,000 worth of cocaine.

The seizure followed a two-month ALERT investigation that began after a tip came in about someone distributing cocaine to dial-a-dope drug traffickers.

Two people have been arrested and a warrant has been issued for a third.