Sunshine Village Ski and Snowboard Resort is suing former employees for defamation.

The move is part of an ongoing dispute since the workers were dismissed two years ago.

In the latest court claim, filed in October, Sunshine says two of the patrollers and several unnamed people started a campaign to boycott the ski hill.   

The claim names 42 websites that contain what it calls misrepresentations about the dismissals.

Sunshine's statement says it has a court order for Facebook and Avaaz Foundation to disclose identifying information.

Sunshine says it has that information now and is determining its next steps.  

A Calgary lawyer who specializes in new media says pinpointing exactly who was using the computer at the time of the negative posts - can be difficult.

"Really when you're tracking things like this online you're going through various custodians of information that probably don't have all the information. Facebook has an IP address, the internet service provider has that number, plus account information," said James Swanson.

Swanson also says some website comments are kept for a little as fourteen days.

Four of the fired ski employees have launched their own lawsuit against Sunshine for wrongful dismissal.