Sunshine Village officials said all ski lifts were up and running Thursday after a rash of sick calls forced the resort to scale back operations on Wednesday.

Ski lifts were operating at full tilt Thursday at Sunshine Village after a staffing issue forced the resort to scale back operations on Wednesday.

Nine ski patrollers called in sick, leaving only six to ensure that the slopes at the resort west of Banff were safe for skiers.

That forced the resort to operate only three of the hill's nine ski lifts on Wednesday.

Ski patroller Craig McArthur said the patrollers called in sick as a protest after at least two patrollers were fired.

McArthur said the dismissals happened after patrollers disciplined a skier — whom he alleged to have connections to the resort's owner — for entering a closed area.           

"We're hired to be the specialists, and if our decisions aren't being backed up by management, what's going to happen when it's not safe, when someone says, 'this could avalanche'. Someone could be killed," McArthur said.

Doug Firby, associate director of communications at Sunshine, refused to comment on whether the ski patrollers' absences from work were related to the recent firings.

"You know, we have a large staff, we have more than 700 people who work on the mountain in mid-season and I think I would say morale is excellent. And anytime you have an organization of that size you'll have individual issues," he said.

Many of the patrollers said they planned to meet with Sunshine management sometime this week.