Students at Sunnyside School in northwest Calgary are working on a digital scrapbook and theatre performance to document the experiences of area residents during the flood of 2013.


Sunnyside School student Izabella Felizardl is helping document the flood stories shared by community members for an archive and performance project in collaboration with Trickster Theatre. (CBC)

The children are collaborating with members of Trickster Theatre on the project.

“The goal is to enable the kids to gather the stories from the community, to gather the video that people have, gather the photos, and then go through that and decide what should be archived from a kid's perspective,” said Trickster Theatre founder David Chantler.

“We’ll take all of that and take the best stories and tag it to the timeline of the flood — pre, post and so on — and create a theatre performance with the entire school and members of the community.”

Student Izabella Felizardl has been sitting down with community members to document their flood experiences.

“A lot of people have some really sad and amazing stories,” she said. “I think definitely this project is cool. We’ve done some pretty cool projects at Sunnyside, but by far this is one of the best.”


Izabella Felizardl's interview with a community member is recorded for the project. (CBC)

Chantler said he hopes 50 years from now people will look at the material and get a unique perspective of the flood.

“Here’s kids talking about the flood. Here’s their vision of what was important and what should be archived for posterity,” he said.   

Area residents are invited to Sunnyside School on Saturday to share their memories for the artistic archive.