A diver was able to confirm there is no body in the cab of the submerged truck. (CBC)

The Calgary fire department's aquatics team stumbled upon a fully submerged pick-up truck at the bottom of Harvie Passage Saturday during a routine patrol.

A diver was able to confirm the truck's cab is empty but the tailgate is full of river rocks and debris. Crews haven't confirmed how long the truck has been in the river — or how it ended up there.

"The car may have been in from the flood," said Ernie Molineaux, battalion  chief of the Calgary Fire Department. "There's very little road access to this area …so we believe it's been in there for some period of time, but that's all be part of the investigation."

Officials say it will take some time to get the vehicle out of the water.

They're currently working on a plan to recover the vehicle and there's no timeline yet for when it will be removed.

A backhoe tractor was also unearthed on Saturday in the river north of the Shouldice Bridge.

Fire crews say the tractor had been underwater for quite some time but that they knew it was there.