Strathmore students get lesson in farm safety

Students at an elementary school in Strathmore were given a hands-on lesson in the dangers of farm accidents by the advocacy group Agriculture for Life.

Session teaches youth to avoid potential harm on farm and in rural areas

Students at a Strathmore elementary school get lessons in farm safety. 1:53

Students at Wheatland Elementary school in Strathmore were given a hands-on demonstration of the potential dangers of farming by an agricultural advocacy group. 

Ag for Life organized the farm safety session which was held in the school gym. 

Student Colby Corbin,11, lives on a farm and says he feels responsible for his friends' safety when they visit his home.

"They always ask me if they can go in that and all that," he said, "but you gotta say no because they aren't really used to it so they don't know what's safe to be around."

In 2013, there were 16 farming related deaths in Alberta and three quarters of those were related to farm machinery. The previous year, 10 people died in farming accidents, including two under the age of 18.

Mo Gudzowaty is a farm equipment dealer. He showed students that the operators of large farm equipment such as tractors cannot see them if they are close.

"The equipment is so big and the blind spots, you just don't see a small person."

Organizers say they hope the message of staying safe on the farm gets through to the students.