Strathmore lifts water ban

The water is back on in the town of Strathmore, east of Calgary.

Town completes repairs on broken water main

A major water main break along a regional line in Strathmore was affecting everyone in town. (Meghan Grant/CBC)

The water is back on in the town of Strathmore.

Officials from the town, located about 50 kilometres east of Calgary, completed the repairs on a water main that broke late at the Wildflower Reservoir on Friday night.

Officials lifted the water ban at 8 a.m. Sunday.

The break resulted in a water leak that lasted several hours, creating a giant pool of water at the reservoir.

Town officials then activated a non-essential water ban, which lasted all of Saturday.

Water trucks from Calgary transported water to the town for much of the afternoon.

The town’s water ban meant residents could only use water for cooking and drinking.

The reservoir is currently under construction and was set to open later this year.

Mayor Steve Grajczyk says when it is open, the town will have a water supply of three days instead of just one.