Originally published on Jan. 7, 2016.

Calgary at a Crossroads

A recent poll commissioned by Progress Alberta has the Strategists asking the question, "Just how progressive are Albertans?"

In their weekly chat with the CBC's Rob Brown, each of the political analysts makes his case.

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Corey Hogan says recent elections are an indication of a changing landscape.

"We are allowed to vote differently federally and provincially and nobody is saying, for the end of time, left wing parties will always win elections in Alberta," Hogan said. "But this is a different Alberta, you can expect to see contests going forward."

But Zain Velji questions if the term "progressive" even means the same thing to all people.

"Progressive is one of those terms like 'hooked up,' people are like, 'I don't know what that term means,'" Velji said.

"The majority of PCs define themselves as progressive in this poll. Almost the majority of Wildrose define themselves as progressive in this poll."

And that's one of the problems, says Stephen Carter.

"The poll's question itself is a little bit questionable," Carter said.

"It says, 'Do you define yourself as progressive or not?' If you changed the question just a little bit to say, 'Do you define yourself as progressive or conservative?' you would have different outcomes."

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