A volunteer snow removal project in Calgary has hit a snag after the shovels were stolen.

Wendy Lees started the project a few weeks ago hoping volunteers could use the shovels to clear snow in East Village intersections to make it easier for seniors and the disabled to cross the road.

Lees said she is disappointed the clearly-marked shovels vanished.

"I heard from people that it was a bit of a risk to do it in the first place — to leave them out — but I was the ever hopeful, optimistic person saying 'Oh no, it's going to be OK. People will respect these, they will know that they are to be used for good things.'"

Still Lees considers her project a success because of the response she received from the community.

"It helped a lot of other people think that maybe they could just do something small like that in their community or for other people. So I'm really pleased with how it went."