A Calgary woman says she quickly got her stolen bicycle back thanks to social media and a couple of Good Samaritans.

Donna Chizen discovered her bike had been swiped last week while she was at her gym in Inglewood.

The avid cyclist was crushed. She had just ridden the bike in a charity road race in honour of a family member.

Palomino Club manager Arlen Smith

Arlen Smith, who manages the Palomino Club, helped get Donna Chizen's stolen bike back to her.

Chizens' young niece suggested posting a picture and information about the bike on Instagram and other social media sites.

Two days later she was reunited with her $2,000 bike after a couple of sharp-eyed guys at the Palomino Club spotted it there.

“We were just standing outside of the bar working and recognized the bike,” said Arlen Smith, who manages the downtown bar.

“So my door guy Dan asked to see the bike, checked the serial numbers and told the guy to beat it.”

Chizen said she'll never forget what the two strangers did for her.

“I rode this bike in the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer this year. So, yeah there's heart value in this bike. And I'm keeping it forever.”

Chizen said she'll never leave her bike outside unattended again.

With files from Maureen Miller