Banff RCMP say they've had no tips on a reported attack on a British Marathon runner that gained widespread media attention.

Jamie McDonald alleges he was assaulted at a Banff hotel after a night of drinking on New Year’s Eve.

McDonald was in the midst of a cross-Canada charity run and along the way had been speaking to media outlets.

Cpl. Chris Kosack says police haven't had any tips come in, which is generating some skepticism in town.

“In our last media release we urged people to come forward who re calls partying with the person so we can piece this story together and figure out what really happened that night and no one at this point has come forward at all.”

Kosack says some people have questioned whether MacDonald fabricated the attack for publicity because of some discrepancies between his story on social media and to police.

“I've talked to people in the community and they've voiced that to me but investigators are keeping an open mind and we still have this as an active, open investigation.”

Kosack says alcohol may be playing a factor in people's memories.

He continues to urge anyone with any information to come forward.