Members of a dance group in Calgary are urging people to sign up for a life-saving test this weekend.

The Majnoon Dance Academy is holding a swab drive, where a sample of saliva is sent off to see if it's a match for someone in need of a stem cell donation.

The drive is in honour of Shahrzad Jabbarian, who died last year at the age of 24 from leukemia.

Jabbarian was an Iranian-Canadian living in Toronto who made it her mission to educate the Persian community about stem cell donation before she died last year.

"Shaza just, she had this incredible energy and she put it all towards getting the community together," said Golnoush Hassanpour, who is organizing the event in Calgary. "A lot of it was through art, through songs, telling her story. She was very open. She didn't want to keep it to herself and she wanted everyone to know. And she wanted everyone to increase their awareness because you can save a life so easily just by giving a simple sample of your saliva."

The swab drive and dance takes place Saturday night at Cardel Theatre in Quarry Park.