The Calgary Fire Department is warning Calgarians to be cautious around bodies of water as temperatures rise. (CBC)

Calgarians should stay off any body of water and be very wary around ice, the fire department is warning.

Calgary Fire Department spokesperson Carol Henke says the drastic changes in temperature in the city make the ice unpredictable.

“For your own safety, please stay off ice. Rivers, ponds, any ice that is not deemed for recreational use.”

She says unless it's been designated, there is no way to determine if the ice will hold your weight.

Henke is also reminding Calgarians to call emergency services if they see anyone who has fallen through.

“If you see anyone on the ice or anyone who has fallen through the ice, please call 911 and do not attempt to go out to help them. But stay close by and encourage them to kick and pull themselves onto the ice until help arrives.”

She also warned Calgrians to watch their pets around the ice.