Stanley Park pool ready to help families beat the heat

One of Calgary's most popular outdoor pools will reopen Tuesday morning - more than a year after been badly damaged in the 2013 flood.

Wading pool, spray park will remain closed but lane pool will be available to use

Stanley Park pool will reopen Tuesday after sustaining extensive damage in last year's flood. (Tim Devlin/CBC)

One of Calgary's most popular outdoor pools will reopen Tuesday morning — more than a year after being badly damaged in the 2013 flood.

Workers prepare Stanley Park pool for reopening on Tuesday (Tim Devlin/CBC)

The Stanley Park Pool is located at 4100 1A Street in southwest Calgary. It sits in large urban park next to the Elbow River.

Water consumed the public pool last year when the river crested, requiring extensive renovation efforts and money. 

"The entire building had to be stripped of all equipment, mechanical, electrical, all the lockers had to be taken out. All the toilet partitions, the urinals, toilets, everything was gone," said Mike Gavan with the Calgary Outdoor Swimming Pools Association, which operates the pool.

Gavan estimates the cost to fix the facility is close to $700,000.

Public health officials gave the go-head Monday for staff to reopen the Stanley Park pool.  

On Tuesday, adult lane swimming will go from 11 a.m. to noon. Then the pool will open for public swimming until 7 p.m. nightly.

Only the 25 metre pool will be available for use.

The wading pool and spray park remain closed, and it is not known when they will reopen.