Calgary leads the country in divorce rates in the summer, and industry experts say you can chalk it up to the Stampede effect. 

Larissa Stone, who works for Fairway Divorce Solutions, says they're bracing for the usual influx of calls as Calgary's big party week winds down.


Larissa Stone, operations manager for Fairway Divorce Solutions in Calgary, says Stampede week always results in a spike in the number of calls from prospective new clients. (CBC)

"It's a lot of infidelity conversations. It's a, 'My husband didn't come home for two days and I don't know where he is, call.' I've had that a few times," she said.

"'He went out on Friday and it's now Monday.' We get those during Stampede quite often."

Stone says the business gets 50 per cent more calls at this time of year from people seeking help splitting up.

"We get a lot more aggressive calls during Stampede, that people want it done now," she said.

Stampede beer tent waitress Krys Lozier says she sees a lot of married men flirt and lie.

"The conversation's going well, you'll literally see him reach for a drink and the wedding ring comes off and it's going in the pocket," she said.

And it works both ways.

Calgary Stampede-goer Kendra Keating says she's seen women pretend they're not married at Stampede

"You come to Nashville North and put it in your pocket for free drinks."

It's not just the cheating, says Stone. Overspending and heavy drinking during Stampede week can also be a tipping point for some couples.


  • Kendra Keating was misidentified as a waitress in an earlier version of this story.
    Jul 13, 2015 7:57 AM MT