Friday was the last morning for commuters to use the Southland C-Train station, which is being closed for renovations until spring.

The LRT platform at Southland Drive and Horton Road S.W. is being remodeled to accommodate longer, four-car trains.

The work is expected to take about six weeks, officials said.  

Transit spokeswoman Theresa Schroder said there was no choice but to close the station.

"We didn't want to close the station, and, you know, we looked at working through the night to reduce the closure. But that would be loud for the residents there, with jackhammering," she said.   

The train will still pass the Southland station, but won't stop there.

A shuttle bus — Route 556 — will take passengers between Southland and Heritage stations during the closure.

Schroder said commuters should check the Calgary Transit website for alternative route ideas.