Calgary police continue to urge residents to take steps to protect their home and vehicles after a break-in and car theft happened last night in south Calgary while residents were asleep in the house. 

Police say have received of 102 reports since March 1 of house and garage break-ins taking place in south Calgary, and 65 out of those took place at night.

Most recently, someone entered a home in the 12200 block fo Canfield Road S.W. at about 3:35 a.m. MT Friday and stole several keys and a black SUV.

Police say the suspect used a house key found in an unlocked van on the property and used it to enter the home.

The family was woken by a dog barking and the sound of their SUV outside, which has since been recovered.

Of the 102 cases reported to police, 49 of them involved the suspects entering the home through an unlocked door, or entering an unlocked vehicle and using a door opener to enter the garage and then possibly the home.

While officers are investigating incidents throughout south Calgary and have seen particularly high numbers of incidents in the communities of Canyon Meadows, Queensland, Evergreen, McKenzie Towne, New Brighton, Cranston and Chaparral.

Police are warning Calgarians to be mindful these incidents can happen anywhere in the city.

Residents are urged to take the following action to protect themselves:

  • Ensure all vehicles are locked with the windows rolled up.
  • Hide — or preferably remove — all valuables, keys, garage door openers and other property from unattended vehicles.
  • Ensure all home and garage doors, patio doors and windows are secured even when residents are home — day or night. This includes second-storey windows.
  • Develop a routine to make sure the garage doors have been closed and secured after a day of gardening or bike riding. Don`t drive away from your home until you have seen the garage door close completely. Check all vehicles, doors and windows before turning in for the night.
  • Consider installing home and vehicle alarm systems and vehicle anti-theft devices.
  • Let neighbours know if they left doors open or vehicles unlocked.
  • Report any suspicious activity to the Calgary Police Service at 403-266-1234. If a crime is in progress, call 911.