Some residents move to support Springbank development

Some residents of Springbank who opposed the Bingham Crossing are now supporting the development.

Developers of Bingham Crossing address many local concerns

Some residents came out to see the latest on a development west of Calgary. 1:22

Some residents of Springbank, who opposed Bingham Crossing in the past, are now supporting the development west of Calgary.

Rencor Developments Inc. held an open house on Tuesday to show the community new details about the proposed outdoor mall and senior citizens residence.

Critics of the development have raised concerns in past meetings about whether a rural community is the appropriate place to build these facilities.

Kim McKylor, who lives on acreage near the proposed construction site, was an early opponent.

"When this first came to council, I did speak in opposition. The developer went away, worked on the issues that were raised and addressed all of them. So, all that was left was the 'not in my backyard' [attitude] and I don't think that's a good enough reason," said McKylor.

"I think it will be more positive than people really and truly understand for real estate values, for our lifestyle and for the community," said local realtor Cyndi Collins.

Opposition remains

Resident Pam Janzen says there is still plenty of opposition to the project even if opponents do not show up to public meetings.

"Residents are tired of banging their heads against the wall," says Janzen.

She says people have shown up at a number of public hearings and don't feel they are being heard.

"Why waste our time continuing to attend," says Janzen.

Rob Renault of Rencor Developments Inc. says the project has been scaled down to one-fifth the size of the original proposal.