Some of the feral rabbits in Canmore will be relocated to a sanctuary in B.C. (Bill Graveland/Canadian Press)

Officials in Canmore have accepted an offer to relocate some of the rabbits that are overrunning the town.

However, most of the bunnies will probably still be killed.   

The town of Canmore is finalizing an agreement with Earthanimal Humane Education and Rescue Society (EARS) to provide a sanctuary for its multitude of rabbits.   

The exact number is unknown, but some estimates suggest there are as many as two thousand long-eared hoppers.   

They started out as pets but were released in the 1990s and started doing what bunnies do best.   

Spokeswoman Sally Caudill said the town will give the society as many rabbits as it's capable of handling.   

Caudill says after that, the town will proceed with its original plan to trap and euthanize the rabbits.   

She says the dead bunnies will be sent to a wildlife rehab centre as feed.   

EARS spokeswoman Susan Vickery says her group only has enough money so far for 150 rabbits but she's hoping donations will come in to spare all their lives.