The town of Canmore, Alta., located 80 kilometres west of Calgary, has been planning a cull of an estimated 2,000 feral rabbits but some are getting a second lease on life this weekend.

Two spaying and neutering clinics will be held in Calgary starting on Sunday and up to 200 rabbits will be spayed or neutered.             

As many as 2,000 rabbits have been causing problems in the town. The animals started out as pets but were released in the 1990s and began reproducing.

Susan Vickery, of Earthanimal Humane Education and Rescue Society (EARS), says the rabbits will get a new home after the procedures.

"So we found a couple of acreages north and west of Calgary. Property owners that are willing to take them on. We're going to create secure pens and warm shelters for them and they'll be romping around the rest of their lives."

EARS, an animal rescue group, is  organizing the clinics.

Vickery said community support in the form of donations, supplies, food would be welcome.

"If we get more donations we can save more bunnies. It's a real straightforward equation."

The clinics will be held at a bylaw services building in Calgary and Vickery says veterinarians and technicians have volunteered their services.