Calgary's mayor says he understands why some people are taking extreme measures to protect their own property against any future floods.

The head of the province's flood mitigation panel, Allan Markin, has built a temporary three-metre high metal fence around his riverfront home in Elbow Park.

The plan is to remove the fence in July.

Another homeowner in Rideau Park has built a permanent wall around his home and installed a pumping system to protect it against rising water.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi says such measures must be approved by the city and cannot hurt neighbouring properties.       

“I will say that if you're going to put up a large wall that obscures your view of the river, why are you living on the river? But I understand that people are nervous about this and we're going to do what we can to ensure we're protecting everyone.”

Coun. Brian Pincott says he understands why some people are taking their own measures.

As long as protective measures don't damage neighbouring properties, they should be OK, he said.

“I don't blame homeowners for doing whatever they're doing. Whether it's building a three metre wall or whether it's spending tens of thousands of dollars going out and buying tiger dams. They were devastated. They’re looking for something that they can do.”

Pincott says choosing which flood mitigation projects are built may take more time and consideration than some would like.