Some Calgarians concerned about grow-op trash bin

About 100 drug houses have been dismantled in Calgary in the past year, but some residents were concerned about a garbage bin from a Copperfield grow-op that had not been taken away.

Neighbours to former grow-op house say officials didn't store materials safely

Some people are concerned about what's been left behind from drug house shut-downs. 2:10

About 100 drug houses have been dismantled in Calgary in the past year, but some residents in Coppperfield are raising concerns about how long it took the city to remove a garbage bin from a grow-op in the area.

While the marijuana plants have long been cleared out, the bin contained items associated with the grow operation.

"I've seen kids climbing up the sides," says Michelle McAra, who lives across the street.

"There was a neighbour two doors down who said, 'Get out of the bin, it's not safe.'"

It's not known exactly what is in the bin, but Alberta Health Services confirmed the home had been declared unfit for human habitation in September.

That same order also directed the material from within the house to be properly disposed.

McAra said that did not appear to be the case, despite calls to Alberta Health Services and the city.

"If it's so contaminated that it has to be removed from the house, how can it sit open to the elements?" she asked.

Wayne Brown, who is in charge of the city’s unsafe property response team, says the good news is that the former grow operation in Copperfield is already being remediated much faster than other drug houses.

However, he admits there could be changes that would include fencing in the dumpsters.

"We have relied on the ownership of the remediation companies to ensure that that product is protected," Brown said.

"Obviously, we'll have to take stronger steps to ensure that that happens."

On Wednesday afternoon, a city inspector showed up to take a few pictures. A few hours later, the bin in question was removed.