Some High River residents are saying the cost of the government contract to do flood remediation work from last year's floods was a waste of taxpayer's money. 

Documents released by the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation show Tervita Corporation got a $45-million sole-sourced contract for flood recovery work in the southern Alberta town.

The federation says the average charge to the province for demolishing a home was just over $36,000.

High River resident Ron Schmidt lost his home and barber shop during last June's flood. He says he could have hired a local contractor to tear down his home for $8,000.

"I've seen so much waste in town here," says Schmidt.

"Waste from Tervita and waste from the government and it's just painful to watch  when we have friends that haven't been settled yet. And its a year they've been out of their home for a year and they haven't received any money yet from the government, and you see this waste going on and its painful to watch."

The Taxpayers Federation says the contract for medium, and long-term flood recovery work, should have been put out to tender.

The documents also show Tervita donated more that $36,000 to the PC party over a few years.

PC leadership candidates say changes needed

Two of the three people who hope to run for the leadership of Alberta's Progressive Conservative party say changes need to be made to government contracts that are not tendered.

Leadership contender Thomas Lukaszuk says Alberta needs clearer guidelines.

“I would solicit, instantly, advice from an independent source and probably auditor general to give me guidance on where it is appropriate to sole-source contract.”

Lukaszuk says contracts could be awarded during emergencies, for example.

“I don't believe that it only has to be the value of the contract but there have to be specific conditions under which you can sole source, And I would also like to see a comprehensive list of potential contractors from whom such services can be sole-sourced.”

Jim Prentice has already said he would put an end to sole source contracts.

Ric McIver wasn't available for comment.