Parkourding? Boardkour? No-snowboarding?

The sport doesn't officially have a name yet, but one thing is for sure — don't try it at home.

That's the warning Kael Hill put off the top of a video that documents him pulling off some seriously crazy stunts on his snowboard all over downtown Calgary.

In the video he takes his board down stairs and over park benches.

He even finds a way to ride it through a playground.

Kael Hill snowboards in playground

Kael Hill takes his snowboard to a playground. (kael hill/YouTube)

Hill, 25, calls it a blend of extreme snowboarding and parkour.

"Random people just didn't really know how to process what they're seeing," said the professional boarder.

"People have seen skateboarding and snowboarding in some capacity. But nobody's ever really seen somebody thrashing around on the cement without snow on a snowboard."

The entire video was filmed on Feb. 28 by Calgary photographer, Robert Bishop.

Kael Hill

Kael Hill, 25, grew up in Cochrane, Alta. and has been snowboarding professionally for almost a decade. (Evelyne Asselin/CBC)

The pair couldn't stay at any one location for too long because Hill was doing tricks on public property.

"We got stopped by the cops almost right away," said Bishop, about their attempt to film in Century Park.

They still managed to collect plenty of footage and Hill didn't break any bones. His snowboard, however, will require a bit of TLC.

Climate change message

Hill says he's been "tinkering around" with riding his board without snow for the past couple of years and made this video to challenge himself.

But he doesn't deny that there is also an underlying message.

"Another issue that I wanted to touch on was climate change," said Hill.

"Snowboarding can't exist without snow."