Members of Calgary’s cycling community say the city isn’t doing a good enough job of clearing snow from designated bike lanes and that’s putting cyclists at risk.

According to the city's website, on-street bike lanes are supposed to be cleared within 48 hours of the last snowfall and bike paths within 24 hours.

But with so much snow in recent days, the plows have been piling it to the side of the road, leaving little if any bike lane exposed, said Bike Calgary director Dale Calkins.

"Cyclists need to know where they can go and where it’s safe to go and if those routes are obstructed for them, that can be a serious problem for them — both unsafe and not encouraging for new people to ride."

winter biking

Riding a bike on Calgary streets during winter can be nearly impossible at times, cyclists say. (CBC)

Chris Turner, who cycles year round, says it’s nearly impossible some days.

"Even on bike-specific lanes, they're covered in snow. You have to either take the road or find a back bike path, but sometimes they're covered in snow too."

Tom Thivener, the city's cycling strategist, said he's aware of the issues and is trying to find new ways and different pieces of equipment that could better clear the lanes.