Calgary woke up to another 10 centimetres of snow, prompting a councillor to say it's taking too long for the city to clear snow-clogged streets in the northeast.

Coun. Ray Jones says many people in Saddle Ridge, Martindale and Taradale are still finding roads impassable.

"The idea of the ice and snow policy is to minimize economic loss to the community as well," he said. "People are stuck in their houses for five to seven days and can't get out. Small businesses are complaining that they're not getting people out and in the Christmas season [when] this is probably one of their highest priorities of the year."

The city has the money to spend on snow clearing, but seems to be having trouble getting contractors, he said.

City officials say the downtown core and parts of north Calgary saw the most snow.

"Roads crews are continuing to open roads in the northeast communities and will stay in these communities until the majority of residential roadways have been addressed," according to a press release.

Changes to northeast garbage pickup

Meanwhile, the city is asking residents of some northeast neighbourhoods to move their blue and black carts to the front street, but only if their alley is impassable.

  • Martha’s Haven
  • Martindale
  • Saddleridge and Saddlelake
  • Taradale and Taralake

"Carts should be placed on the front street at the curb for collection by 7 a.m. and returned to your property by 7 p.m. on your collection day," according to a press release. "Please leave enough space to walk between and around the carts to ensure there’s enough room for the mechanical arms on the collection trucks to work."

Snowy commute

Roads officials say crews are doing the best they can but the snow isn't letting up this month. Calgarians awoke to another blanket of snow this morning after 10 centimetres fell overnight.

City crews have been able to clear most of the major roads in the city, according to spokesperson Julie Yepishina-Geller.

"They've focused most of their efforts in the Priority 1 routes, so most have been salted and there's been some plowing in the northwest as well," she said.

She says ramps and hills are trouble spots, despite spraying salt and sand.