Some Calgarians who enjoy the sport of slacklining are trying to find common ground with the city.

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Slackliners balance on a rope tied to two anchor points — usually trees.

The sport is getting more popular in the city. But city officials say the ropes can damage trees, so it's banned under the tree protection bylaw. 

Slackliner Nicole Wilson says a compromise can be worked out. She, like most slackliners, use felt padding, putting it around the trees before attaching the slackline. 

"So far, any evidence that I've seen, you can harm the trees if you don't use tree protection," said Wilson. 

As long as you use that tree protection, Wilson says the growing sport should be allowed. 

"As far as it goes, until they can provide us with evidence that it actually damages trees, I don't think there's any reason to stop. Other cities allow it," she said.

The city said they are in the process of learning more about slacklining and looking at different options, including designating some structures specifically for the sport, maybe at Riley Park.