Some runners are calling the Skirt Chaser 5K event this evening in Calgary sexist.

Joanna Pesta and her running partner Stephanie Symington say they couldn't believe the advertisements for the run.

"It actually says 'skirts' start first. Guys 'chase' three minutes later," said Pesta. 

"I mean women already don't always feel safe running on the streets at night, and we are just perpetuating that in this race format they've created."

The race is described as a party that just happens to be a five-kilometre run, and single people are encouraged to wear a sign or sticker to show they are looking for love.

"They could've had a fun, singles mixer event that didn't have the same sexist overtones," said Symington.

Sexism not promoted, says Calgary organizer

The run was created by a company called Skirt Sports that sells athletic gear for women.

The runs are held in a number of American cities, but the Calgary run is the first in Canada.

"We feel so bad for offending anyone, that's not what the event was meant to do and we are going back to our messaging to re-evaluate," said Janet Ehlers with Skirt Sports.

But the company organizing the run in Calgary, TransRockies Events, was not apologetic.

It put out a statement saying the name of the event is meant "only in fun" and it says it rejects the notion that the run promotes sexism.