Happy ending in case of skateboard ramp snagged due to fake Kijiji ad

A 10-year-old boy whose skateboard ramp was taken from his driveway thanks to a fake Kijiji ad will ride again.

10-year-old Calgary boy now has a choice between two different ramps after public reaction

10-year-old Jett Patola, right, now has his choice between two skateboard ramps after one man donated a ramp and the person who mistakenly took his got in touch. (CBC)

A 10-year-old boy whose skateboard ramp was taken from his driveway thanks to a fake Kijiji ad will ride again. 

Jett Patola's homemade ramp, built by his father, was listed on Kijiji as free for the taking, without his family's knowledge.

Someone came by and took advantage of the offer.

Patola's mom Cindy said a young man dropped off a new ramp that he'd built for himself in shop class on Monday morning after hearing about the incident.

Two ramps

The Patolas were also contacted by a woman who said she was the one who took the ramp, believing the ad was real.

"We've actually offered for them to keep the ramp. Or my son Jett would like to give this boy the ramp that was given to us," she said. 

"He wants to have something for the boy to use as well, and not be out of something. So we're kind of just organizing what to do about that. And in the end they'll both have skate ramps and be happy."

Patola said she's overwhelmed by the number of people contacting her with offers of materials or money for a new skate ramp.


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