Canada's luge team combined to win its first team relay medal without veteran Alex Gough on the three-sled squad on Sunday.

Victoria's Kim McRae, Calgary's Mitch Malyk and the veteran doubles sled of Justin Snith (Calgary) and Tristan Walker (Cochrane, Alta.), combined for a time of two minutes 24.5 seconds.

Gough was absent as she returned home to complete her year of engineering school at the University of Calgary.

"Winning the silver in the relay was unreal," said McRae. "I am very proud of the boys and what we accomplished as a team. I put down a solid run and the second fastest start for the women. The boys picked up time on the way down. It was a fantastic feeling to be a part of the team, and helping Canada win that silver medal today."

The relay is a one-run bomb race consisting of one women's, one men's and one doubles sled. Athletes hit a pad hanging over the track after crossing the finish line, which opens the start gate for the next team member.

Germany won the gold medal with a time of 2:24.204. Latvia slid to the bronze with a time of 2:24.982.

Germany's Tatjana Huefner won the women's race with a time 1:46.379. Latvia's Eliza Cauce slid to the silver medal at 1:46.590, while Russia's Tatiana Ivanova rounded out the women's podium in third at 1:46.692.

Calgary's Arianne Jones was the only other Canadian in the women's field and finished 14th at 1:47.524.