Some northwest Calgary residents in Silver Springs are petitioning to save the dive tank at an outdoor community pool after the city announced plans to replace it when conducting much-needed repairs.

The pool is run by the community association, but the city owns it and pays for renovations.

Heather Bruce of the city's recreation department says parts of the facility, which was built in 1974, are in dire need of repairs.

"In fact, it's a considerable risk for failure," she said. "The main pool and dive basin are past the point of minor repairs. We do annual maintenance to patch the cracks that are formed over the years. The pool deck requires some extensive work.... It's basically at the end of its life span."

Bruce says the plan was to replace the dive pool with a wading pool and spray deck to save money, but some people in Silver Springs say the diving board and basin are very popular.

Packed meeting held Thursday

Residents voiced their concern at a information meeting held Thursday night to show off the new plans.

Nia Lefebvre, who attended the meeting, is part of the petition — which had more than 680 signatures on Thursday night — to save the dive tank.

"In six months, I want to see that pool status quo," she said. "I want to see no renovation happening, and I want to see my dive board intact."

The city said it is willing to listen to residents in the area and will be taking feedback online for the next week. It will then review the feedback and get back to the community.

"The City of Calgary is interested in building a pool that is sustainable and lasts, in terms of programming opportunities, for a number of years," said Bruce.