Silent Palestinian support rally underway at City Hall

The final rally planned in support of Palestinians will be a silent one, with participants wearing masking tape over their mouths.

Participants to form human chain around City Hall block in silent show of resistance

A long line of people are taking part in a silent pro-Palestinian rally outside Calgary City Hall. (Devin Heroux/CBC)

The final City Hall rally in support of Palestinians is underway in downtown Calgary.

According to the Facebook event listing, the 6 p.m. rally will be a silent one with participants wearing masking tape over their mouths.

"There will be no chanting at this rally, only a silent show of resistance," the event reads. "We hope all who come to the event will respect this."

Organizers say it's taken a lot of time and effort to plan the four rallies over the past several weekends, and that it's time they step back for a while.

However, they expect to hold a townhall-style event in the future to discuss the rallies and how to continue pushing for peace in Israel and Gaza.