Sikome Lake in southeast Calgary will reopen to the public on Sunday after an apparent drowning earlier this week.

The man-made lake has been closed since a man disappeared into the water​ on Monday. He fell in the water from a dinghy along with two other adults and a baby, who were rescued by witnesses.​ ​

The body of 29-year-old Ali Shaikh was recovered on Wednesday.

The province says it has tested the water quality in the lake six times this week.

"The man-made lake must meet the same water quality standards as natural beaches, such as Sylvan Lake," said the province in a release. "The facility’s water treatment plant filters and chlorinates the water, and draws fresh water from wells."

Shaikh was on a raft with his wife, their nine-month-old child, two adult relatives and another young child.

None of them were wearing life-jackets, but the lake is quite shallow — usually about two metres deep.

Safety procedures being examined

The province says it is also looking into safety and operating procedures at the lake.

“There is an inherent risk associated with water-based activities," said Richard Starke, minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation, in a release. "Our review will determine whether changes are needed to help visitors stay safe. If changes are needed, we will make them.”

There were six aquatic safety staff on hand Monday afternoon.

While they are not lifeguards, they are trained in lifesaving skills, first aid and CPR and tasked with watching people in the lake from various vantage points.

The province says life-jackets are also available at the lake through two loaner stations, but there are also signs posted warning people they are swimming at their own risk.

On a busy day there can be 10,000 people at Sikome Lake, which first opened in 1978.