Signs on Crowchild, Glenmore to estimate commuting times

Commuters in Calgary will soon see more signs that draw on Bluetooth technology to estimate the travel time to popular destinations.

Calgary drivers already experience the Bluetooth technology on Deerfoot Trail

Commuters in Calgary will soon see more signs that draw on Bluetooth technology to estimate the travel time to popular destinations.

Five new signs should be installed by the end of November along Crowchild Trail and Glenmore Trail.

Right now, only two such signs are operating in the city, one on northbound Deerfoot Trail and another on eastbound Memorial Drive.

City spokeswoman Julie Yepishina-Geller said the signs seem to decrease driver frustration.

"Drivers have been saying that they have helped them make informed decisions when they are on the road because it allows them to decided if they want to switch routes or stay on the same road and wait out the traffic."

The system uses innovative technology, which collects "publicly available information from Bluetooth devices and estimates travel times and congestion. These times are then displayed on electronic signs at key locations along the freeway," according to the City of Calgary's website.

Here are the planned locations for signs on Crowchild Trail and Glenmore Trail:

  • Westbound Glenmore Trail near 18 Street S.E. – displaying travel time to Crowchild Trail.
  • Eastbound Glenmore Trail near Crowchild Trail – displaying travel time to Deerfoot Trail.
  • Northbound Crowchild Trail by 50 Avenue S.W. – displaying travel time to 24 Ave N.W.
  • Southbound Crowchild Trail by 24 Ave N.W. – displaying travel time to Glenmore Trail.
  • Southbound Crowchild Trail by Flanders Ave S.W. – displaying travel times to Deerfoot Trail and Glenmore Trail.


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