A sentencing hearing is underway on Wednesday for Shelby Herchak, 22, who pleaded guilty to killing her newborn baby four years ago.

Shelby Herchak apologized at her sentencing hearing in Calgary after earlier confessing to killing her 26-day-old baby.

She was 18 years old when she fatally wounded her infant son Daniel four years ago.

Herchak tearfully apologized to her parents for taking away their grandson.

She told the court she should have reached out for help with her young son.

Doctors said the baby suffered injuries to his head and neck and died 10 hours after being rushed to the Alberta Children's Hospital on Aug. 9, 2010.

Herchak's great aunt, Susan Lloyd, says the apologies for killing the little boy were less than heartfelt.

"He doesn't get a chance to know his cousins and his grandpa and other people in the family that wanted to meet him and be a part of his life. There was a support system. She did not reach out to the support system."


Herchak — who is now 22 was set to go on trial for second-degree murder in October when she pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter.

The Crown is asking for a sentence of seven to eight years.

Herchak's lawyer says four to five years in prison is more in line with similar previous cases.

The judge will give her ruling on May 20.