While many men use disposable razors to shave away their five o'clock shadow, Kevin Kent prefers something much sharper.

"Honestly when I shave with a straight razor, I feel two inches taller. You feel like a gentleman and a bad-ass at the same time."

Straight razor

Shaving with a straight razor takes about 30 minutes. "You have to be calm and you have to have some time," says new shave shop owner Kevin Kent. (Danielle Nerman/CBC)

Kent kissed his Mach 3 goodbye three years ago after he started selling straight razors at his Japanese knife store in Inglewood.

"And since we had razors, we thought we should get brushes and soaps and creams. And then safety razors. And aftershaves. It got out of control."

So Kent has moved all male grooming products out of the knife shop and across the street to Kent of Inglewood. 

The shave shop officially opens Aug. 2 and will sell everything from martini ware to axes.

And of course, safety razors. Prices range from $150-$1,500.

"With a straight razor, you can buy one razor. And that will last you the rest of your life. You don't have to keep shelling out $5 per cartridge for razors at the drug store. That becomes oppressively expensive." 

The store will also offer classes on how to properly use a straight razor.

"Well, why not? Nobody knows how anymore. I'm getting better at it. I've actually never cut myself. You have to be calm and you have to have some time. It takes about 30 minutes to shave with a straight razor."

Kent agrees disposable razors are more convenient, but don't give you as close a shave.

"A lot of guys get red skin or in-grown hairs because their razor either pulls out their beard or doesn't cut it cleanly. So if you have a very sharp edge, you don't get all those problems."

Kent in Inglewood

The shop, Kent in Inglewood, will sell brushes and soaps and creams, as well as safety and straight razors. (Danielle Nerman/CBC)