When Wendy Lees saw seniors in the East Village struggling to cross a snow-packed intersection she decided to act.

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Lees said she called the city, and the office of her city councillor, to have the snow removed.

She said the city was responsive, but with all the snow Calgary has received the pathway across the cobblestone streets at the intersection of Fifth Street and Eighth Avenue southeast remained snow covered.

Wendy Lees, friend

Calgarians have stepped up to use the community snow shovels in the East Village. (Lisa Robinson/CBC)

She was mulling over the problem with some friends and came up with the idea of placing brightly-coloured snow shovels at the intersection labelled with "community shovel" in hopes people would help out.

Lees said she placed the shovels last Friday, and within minutes several volunteers grabbed the community shovels and began to shovel the pathway.

So far the area has remained clear of snow.

She said it will make life much easier for the many seniors who live in the area.

Her action has also prompted discussions with the city about improving snow removal in the area.

Shovel sticker

One of the community shovels in the East Village. (Lisa Robinson/CBC)