Country music star Shania Twain is in Calgary to perform at the Stampede and to launch a local “clubhouse” of her children’s foundation.

  • Watch CBC weather specialist Craig Larkins' raw interview with Shania Twain. Click on the image above.

Twain describes Shania Kids Can as a program that inspires and educates children who are having personal problems, some of which she experienced in her childhood.

"Maybe coming to school with no lunch, going to school with dirty hair or ill fitting clothes, maybe not the proper clothes for winter," she said. 

“It really just weighed on my self-confidence and made me feel very insecure, and I just thought one day I will help kids like me so they never have to experience this terrible feeling.”

She visited the Calgary “clubhouse” at Catherine Nichols Gunn School on Tuesday, days ahead of her Stampede show dates on July 9 and 10.