The judge in a so-called cyber-stalking case has delayed sentencing in order to research the relatively new form of harassment.

Jonathan Alan Barnes, 32, pleaded guilty to a variety of charges including criminal harassment after using the internet to harass Cari Benson.

Barnes set up false e-mail accounts to get personal information, send threats and obtain access to Benson's bank accounts after their relationship ended in February 2004.

Both the Crown and defence are suggesting a conditional sentence. Benson, who is now a university student, says she just wants closure.

"I can't really say one way or another," said Benson. "Like I said, I just want to move on with my life. So if it's a conditional sentence, that actually might work better for me because there are more restrictions placed that way."

Barnes, who has been in custody for five months, was to be sentenced Tuesday, but Judge Gary Cioni says he needs a few more days to research this form of stalking.

The sentencing will take place Thursday in Calgary.