Council approved a proposal on Monday to allow secondary suites in any new communities that are built on the outskirts of Calgary.

Aldermen rejected  a proposal earlier this year to allow secondary suites anywhere in the city.

There was concern that such a broad allowance would be unfair to homeowners who bought in single-family home neighbourhoods under the existing rules.

Ald. Peter Demong said Monday's compromise measure means future homebuyers in new areas cannot argue they were surprised secondary suites are allowed on their streets.

"I'm suggesting going forward that if secondary suites are going to be allowed in the new areas, let's let them know before they buy their property, so that it is not a retroactive discussion. It's a proactive method," he said.

The motion passed by a vote of 11 to 4.

Some aldermen who opposed the idea argued that it will bring parking problems and even crime, which they said comes with greater density.

Ald. Andre Chabot says once you allow secondary suites, there's no controlling how many people end up in a community.

"Then you may have some of the challenges that I have to face in some of my areas, some of the areas that I represent — not all but some of the areas I represent — there's, I guess, an overabundance of these types of suites," he said.