School bus, noon supervision fee increases set by CBE

Public school students in Calgary will have to pay more for some school fees if the board approves its budget later this month.

Bussing costs increase to $330, while noon supervision fees are up to $280 in budget proposal

Fee increases

Transportation: Was $295 from Grades 1 to 12, now projected at $330 for both kindergarten and Grades 1 to 12.

Noon supervision: Was $220 for five-day, non-bused program, now projected at $280. Bused students paid $145 last year and will pay the full fee for the first time this year.

Supplies: Elementary, junior high and high school students paid $30, $105 and $132 respectively. The fee increase is projected to be $20 for junior high students and $20 for high school students.

Public school students in Calgary will have to pay more for some school fees if the board approves its budget later this month.

The Calgary Board of Education released its proposed budget Friday and says it wants to make sure the cost of supplies, transportation and noon supervision are fully paid for by the users.

It has proposed fee increases for those items in its budget proposal.

Supply costs for students in grades 7 through 12 will increase by about $30 per student.

Bussing costs will go up to $330 from kindergarten to Grade 9 and five-day noon supervision fees for elementary students will now cost $280.

The school board will also used more congregated bus stops to save money.

The CBE held a briefing for the media recently about the proposed fee increases, but exact numbers weren't available then.

The board's CFO, Brad Grundy, said at the time that officials were looking at ways to address a $7-million shortfall in its budget this year.

Grundy warned there would be "fee-related issues" in the budget and that "fees are a reality" as the board struggles to cope with over-capacity — and growing — schools with stagnant funding models.

The budget still needs to be approved by CBE trustees.

It will be officially presented to the board on May 6 and trustees will vote on it May 20.


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