Calgary Board of Education spokesperson Richard Peter says the study will help the board set fees for the next year. (CBC)

Parents want more accountability from the Calgary School Board when it comes to school fees.

That's one of the findings of a study the board released today.

The research showed most parents accepted the need for some fees.

But they also told consultants the board needed to be more transparent about how the money was being used.

Spokesperson Richard Peter says the study will help guide the board as it sets more than $20 million in fees for the next school year.

"This wasn't about making the pie bigger, it was about understanding ‘how do we share the pie in a way that is more fair in the minds of parents,’ " said Peter.

"And hopefully this will make our fees, from the perspective of parents, make more sense for 2012-13."

The fees for the next school year will be announced in a couple weeks

The study cost $53,000 dollars.

It included an online survey of almost 4,000 parents.