People in Scenic Acres got the chance to see the plan for a new francophone school in their neighbourhood last night.

The proposed school has garnered a lot of opposition in recent months because it would be built on a popular park, but the head of the francophone school board says there would still be plenty of park left over for residents to enjoy.

"We listened to the concerns of the community members who wanted to keep as much of the recreational space and green area as possible," said board chair Anne-Marie Boucher. 

But some residents say they are still not on board with the plan.

Susan Spence says she's worried about traffic congestion and losing a big chunk of the much-loved park.

'We need space'

Others say it's not worth losing the park when only a handful of students and families in the community would benefit from the new school.

However, families with children in the francophone system say their need is just too great.

"The other french schools are full, so we need space," said Benoit Messier, who has two children in the francophone system. "I know it's bad for them but they don't lose the park. They can use it again."

The francophone school board hopes to have shovels in the ground this winter with the aim of opening the school by 2016.