This little piggy just really wants a home. 

Meet Scarlett. She's a six-month-old, 20-kilogram pot-belly pig who enjoys the simple things in life. 

"She will drop anything and everything just to have a tummy rub," said Phil Fulton, manager of community outreach at the Calgary Humane Society.

She's also potty-trained.

"She makes sure that she always goes to the bathroom in the same corner in her kennel, and that it's far away from her food," Fulton said. 

Scarlet the pig

Check out that mohawk Scarlett's sporting. (Jenny Howe/CBC)

While the animal shelter has dealt with pigs before, Scarlet's search for a forever home has proved to be a bit tricker than most.

As a farm animal, Scarlet will have to be kept outside the city limits, as per local bylaws.

Then there's the added challenge that comes from the nature of her upbringing.

"Because she's lived inside as a house pig her whole life, she can't live outside," said Fulton.

Fulton hopes someone with a suitable home — like a hobby farm or a small ranch — might also have a heart for this little critter.

"I always say, for every animal that we get, there's somebody out there for them."

Scarlet the pig

Scarlett was surrendered to the Calgary Humane Society because her owner could no longer care for her and was not able to find anyone else who could. (Calgary Humane Society)