SAIT Polytechnic will keep its swimming pool after all.

The school had considered replacing the pool with an expanded weight room as part of its plans to renovate its fitness facilities. 

Most students, staff and community users of the facility favoured keeping the aquatic pool, according to SAIT consultations.

The decision to keep the pool was made possible because of a recent referendum in which students voted to construct a separate SAIT Students' Association building. 

"With SAITSA vacating Campus Centre, our planning team can go back to the drawing board and look at reconfiguring the space — keeping the pool and improving the building to best serve our students and community," said Maureen MacDonald, associate vice president of communications and marketing at SAIT.

Pool renovations will include remedial work to the concrete basin and replacement of the pool liner. 

The pool will close for maintenance this summer but will re-open in September. 

Any plans to reconfigure Campus Centre will begin after SAITSA vacates the building, tentatively scheduled for late 2018.