A Calgary post-secondary institution has placed limits on how much alcohol can be served on campus during the day.

SAIT administration has limited students to two drinks before 3 p.m., and only with an order of food. Shots and shooters can’t be served.

Spokeswoman Melanie Simmons says the rule is about student safety.

"We are being proactive with this approach to ensure students are being responsible, and allow them not to be in a position where they are not going into a class and using dangerous equipment after drinking."

SAIT Students' Association, which owns and operates the campus bar The Gateway, is concerned the administration did not discuss the changes with student government.

"So revenue doesn't play a big part for us? It's all about their choice and their freedoms?" said student association vice-president  Andrew Crossett.

The changes could also have a financial impact, leading students to leave the campus since there are so many bars and restaurants nearby.