Five recent cases of E. coli in Alberta have not been linked to a recall of Alberta ground beef but experts say the recall is a reminder about the proper handling of meat.

A total of 60 ground beef products originating from an XL Foods plant in Brooks Alta. have been voluntarily recalled.

Calgary shopper Sarah Sztabzyb said the recall has led her to look for an organic butcher instead of shopping at a supermarket.

"You never know what can happen. Once there's a buzz about it you want to make sure you're taking precaution right away," said Sztabzyb.

Rebekah Devinney, a microbiologist at the University of Calgary, says consumers should consult the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's website about the meat recall to ensure they don't have any of the contaminated products.

"I think people should be concerned. They should protect themselves," said Devinney on Friday.

Devinney said that protection should also include safe food handling practices such as cooking ground beef until it reaches an internal temperature of 160 degrees farenheit.

There are more than 20 cases of E-coli poisoning in Alberta every year.