A committee at the University of Calgary is looking at whether there should be rules to control the use of computers and smart phones in class.

Complaints from both professors and students that texting, tweeting and checking Facebook have gotten out of hand, has prompted officials to set up the committee.

"The use of electronic devices can be really valuable in some cases but it can also be distracting to students in other cases," said Dawn Johnston, who teaches in the department of communication and culture.

"I would say my inclination is to think it should be up to the individual instructors to determine what is appropriate electronic device use in their classroom," Johnston said.

According to student Michael Poscente, it's time to lay down some rules.

"Sometimes kids just sit at the back of class watching movies or playing games," he said.

But fellow student Nykkole Slunt disagreed.

"If the technology is there we should be allowed to embrace it," she said.  

And according to student Kelsy Norman, if professors expect their students' full attention, they'll just have to step up their teaching.

"I think teachers have to look at themselves and go, 'why are people texting in my class or why are people on Facebook in my class?'" she said.

The committee — which has canvassed instructors, students, and administrators — is hoping to have a report ready by June.